Happy-Gut Makeover Fall 2019 Cleanse
Happy-Gut Makeover Fall 2019 Cleanse

Happy-Gut Makeover Fall 2019 Cleanse


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Julia’s Happy-Gut Makeover Cleanses are given through group teleconference calls and you may learn from the comfort and privacy of your home. You meet several times each week and will have access to a Private Facebook Support Group, recorded classes, as well as personal emails from Julia. Enjoy the support, structure, and accountability that this online group cleanse will provide. Julia provides private sessions which can be done according to your schedule.

Happy-Gut Makeover Courses follows It Takes Guts to Be Happy! 21-Day Cleansing Plan to Heal Your Belly & Recharge Your Life. For Do-it-Yourself, buy Julia’s workbook on AMAZON BOOKS!

Call the Santa Barbara Clinic to speak with Julia personally.

7-day Mini Happy-Gut Makeover Cleanse: October 13-20, 2019

6-week Happy-Gut Makeover Cleanse: October 13-November 24, 2019

All Mini Happy-Gut Makeover Cleanses are Buy One & Bring a Cleansing Buddy FREE!
All 6-week Makeover Courses include discounts on colonic therapy